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MARCH 2023

Four experts share their image analysis tools and key insights

Handling high-plex imaging data can pose a challenge, but these groundbreaking user-developed tools can give you the edge you need to answer translational and clinical research questions.

February 2023

World Wildlife Day

A rapidly changing landscape for flora and fauna means scientists worldwide are moving to adopt advanced genomics tools.

A groundbreaking new partnership

Transforming high-plex images into biological insights doesn’t have to be difficult. A new collaboration provides a powerful and efficient pipeline from instrument to data analysis.

January 2023

Five reasons to go beyond the limits of fluorescence with CyTOF technology

Here's how you can avoid pitfalls and open new doors to discovery.

Evolving features, new applications using CyTOF technology

EpiTOF is a powerful platform that allows highly multiplexed analysis of chromatin modifications in single cells and facilitates the identification of global changes of chromatin marks between biologi...