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data sheets

For technical data sheets (TDSs) or safety data sheets (SDSs), see our catalog. In the catalog, search by product number to locate the relevant technical data and/or safety data sheets. 



Helios and CyTOF 2 tutorials

Learn about the daily operation of your mass cytometer as well as regular cleaning and maintenance tasks that help ensure the optimal performance of your CyTOF XT system.

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Helios and CyTOF 2 Software

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CyTOF Software

CyTOF® Software offers support for the imaging and cell suspension-based sample analysis to Hyperion™ Imaging System and Helios™ system users. The software has the built-in capability to switch sam...

CyTOF Software (Non-acquisition workstations only)

CyTOF® Software offers support for imaging analysis to Hyperion™ Imaging System users.

Maxpar Pathsetter

Maxpar® Pathsetter™ is a fully automated reporting and data analysis solution that automatically identifies 37 immune cell types in FCS files from samples processed with the Maxpar® Direct™ Immune...

FCS Express

FCS Express™ is a fully integrated analysis, statistics, graphing and reporting tool for turning cytometry data into presentation-ready and publication-ready results. Full support for Standard BioT...

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