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Standard BioTools PRO Services

Providing expertise to power insights

Standard BioTools™ PRO Services are a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help you maximize your investment, scale up productivity and empower your laboratory with greater access to professional resources.


Maximize your investment and system performance. 
Our global network of trained experts provides timely support, compliance services, proactive maintenance and repair services to optimize productivity and performance of your systems.


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Accelerate research and testing with expert applications support. 
Our consultative services and training programs equip laboratories with the tools and knowledge needed to support important discovery, basic and translational research initiatives, helping to elevate scientific data into actionable insights.

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Leverage tailored services to achieve your unique goals.  
Standard BioTools offers unique and highly specialized services tailored to meet specific research and translational needs.

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Enhance operational efficiency and productivity. 
Customized services optimize the people, processes and technology in your laboratory. Our diverse team of experts works with you to prepare for technology adoption, streamline workflow and support continuous improvement initiatives.

Expert services to elevate your research and testing journey

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Unless explicitly and expressly stated otherwise, all products are provided for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. Find more information here.