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» Accelerate your research with new standardized Mouse Immuno-Oncology IMC Panel Kits

Introducing the ready-to-go 28-plex Maxpar® OnDemand Mouse Immuno-Oncology IMC™ Panel Kit, made up of four modules that can be used together or separately to allow for optimal study design.


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Panel Kits

» Ready-to-go mouse and human standardized panel kits

Mouse and human IMC panel kits enable translational researchers to overcome obstacles to therapeutic efficacy through the ability to evaluate post-treatment response quantitatively and spatially in the tumor microenvironment (TME).


Human Immuno-Oncology IMC Panel

Human Immuno-Oncology Spatial Imagery

Quickly develop a deep understanding of the TME with the Human Immuno-Oncology IMC Panel, 31 Antibodies (PN 201509). Researchers can now combine overall tissue architecture, cell interaction and single-cell phenotypic and functional markers with the single largest IMC panel currently available.

The 31-marker panel is also available in seven modular subpanels for more flexible phenotyping options.

Maxpar OnDemand™ Mouse Immuno-Oncology IMC Panel Kits

Mouse Oncology Spatial Imagery

Mouse models are widely used for translational research. To provide researchers with a deep understanding of the TME, these mouse panel kits will help assess immunological and oncological processes that dictate tumor growth, metastasis and immune response across multiple mouse tissues:


» Flexible options to customize your panel

Customize your panel by mixing and matching panel kits or by adding your choice of individual Maxpar or Maxpar OnDemand Antibodies in other available channels for Imaging Mass Cytometry. Or consider custom conjugation as an option to easily add to your panel. Standardize and jump-start panel development and save significant time and cost using these pre-selected immuno-oncology (IO) panel kits.


» Segment with confidence using the Maxpar IMC Cell Segmentation Kit

Get accurate and reliable cell segmentation using the Maxpar IMC Cell Segmentation Kit to facilitate an end-to-end workflow for single-cell data analytics.

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Catalog Antibodies

» Easily build or expand your panel from a selection of over 300 human and mouse antibodies.   

The Maxpar and Maxpar OnDemand catalog portfolio of antibodies offers metal-conjugated antibodies for formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) and frozen tissues. Both Maxpar and Maxpar OnDemand are high-quality antibodies that do not exhibit autofluorescence and can be used to characterize a wide range of tissues. The high purity and choice of metal isotopes ensure minimal background noise from signal overlap or endogenous cellular components.

The complete list references 242 antibodies, with over 300 available based on additional metal options for some of our more popular antibodies through Maxpar OnDemand as included in the lists below. If other species reactivity is important to you, once at the list, to the left you can easily choose other species reactivity, as reported by the antibody vendor.


» Maxpar Antibodies for FFPE and frozen tissue

The Maxpar catalog features more than 200 metal-labeled antibodies with a focus on immune and oncology targets. Design your own custom panel to analyze immunity, cancer progression or cancer immunotherapy research targets. 

Maxpar antibodies for frozen tissue support rapid and easier panel development with fewer steps since antigens are in their native state and epitope retrieval is not required.


» Questions about staining?

Check out the IMC Trending Topics Toolbox section on optimizing your staining for links to protocols and other resource.


Human and mouse antibodies in the Maxpar catalog


Human antibodies

Human pathologist-verified antibodies for IMC for FFPE and frozen tissues. The technical note Imaging Mass Cytometry Antibody Verification Process describes this verification process. All of our Maxpar human FFPE or frozen antibodies fall in this category.

See all Maxpar catalog antibodies

Other human antibodies are available as part of our Maxpar OnDemand offering.


Mouse antibodies

The Maxpar catalog mouse antibodies, while not pathologist verified, are fully biologically tested by Standard BioTools™ scientists. 


Other mouse antibodies are available as part of our Maxpar OnDemand offering.


» Maxpar OnDemand Antibodies expand panel-building options

Maxpar OnDemand Antibodies provide a flexible option, making panel design easier. The doubling of our antibody portfolio with Maxpar OnDemand Antibodies for Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) was announced at our October 2021 event IMC Summit: Uncovering Spatial Biology. Hear about this exciting antibody collection from Product Manager Clinton Hupple.

Maxpar OnDemand Antibodies are ordered in the same way as any of our catalog products. They come in fixed 15 µg (0.5 mg/mL) vials and ship within six business days.


» How we ensure quality

Because Maxpar OnDemand Antibodies are made in small batches, there are differences in the QC process compared with our traditional Maxpar catalog antibodies, which are made in large lots. Each Maxpar OnDemand Antibody clone is pre-verified by IMC in a biologically relevant tissue. Each batch then undergoes a biochemical verification to confirm performance. This streamlined process balances consistency, flexibility and fast turnaround time.

For a list of currently available Maxpar OnDemand Antibodies, download the TDS.


» Segment with confidence using the Maxpar IMC Cell Segmentation Kit

Learn more about how to get accurate and reliable cell segmentation using the Maxpar IMC Cell Segmentation Kit to facilitate an end-to-end workflow for single-cell data analytics. For more guidance and resources, check out the IMC Trending Topics Toolbox section on Performing Cell Segmentation.

Custom Antibody Conjugation

When your study calls for new antibodies or specific antibody configurations, consult our team of experts for Custom Conjugation Services to tailor your antibody panels for collecting high-impact data. Our Custom Conjugation Services speed you from design to discovery with made-to-order metal labeling for antibodies not currently listed in the Maxpar catalog, or alternative metal tagging for all listed items. Choose from 37 nonoverlapping pure metal tags. 

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Cell Segmentation

Segment with confidence using the Maxpar IMC Cell Segmentation Kit. Benefit from a robust end-to-end workflow for single-cell data analytics for your high-plex IMC data. The Maxpar IMC Cell Segmentation Kit includes three individual plasma membrane markers for improved nucleus and plasma membrane demarcation.

IMC cell segmentation ESCH Epimods

Labeling Kits and Buffer

Maxpar Labeling Kits

With Maxpar metal-labeling kits you can tag IgG clones with your choice of up to 35 metals. Order them individually or as sets, with each kit containing enough material to conjugate 4 antibodies in 100 μg amounts.

Maxpar Labeling Kits

Multimetal Labeling Kit

The multimetal Maxpar kit contains a total of 40 reactions for conjugating metals to monoclonal antibodies, with up to 10 different metals of your choice (each at 4 reactions).

Multimetal Labeling Kit


Maxpar Water provides optimal and consistent staining conditions. 



Unless explicitly and expressly stated otherwise, all products are provided for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. Find more information here.