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Biomark and EP1 Documents

Data sheets

For technical data sheets (TDSs) or safety data sheets (SDSs), see our catalog. In the catalog, search by product number to locate the relevant technical data and/or safety data sheets.

Biomark and EP1 Software

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Latest release of data collection software for the Biomark™ HD and EP1™ systems.  Refer to the instrument user guide for installation instructions.


Software for the Biomark™ HD and EP1™ systems.  Package includes archived data collection software and current analysis software (real-time PCR, genotyping, digital PCR and melt curve).

Biomark Pathogen Detection Software

Software that analyzes qPCR Ct data from Biomark HD to detect and identify mutations. For installation and instructions please reference the Biomark Pathogen Detection Software Quick Reference Guid...

CopyCount-CNV Software

The cloud-based software analyzes raw fluorescence qPCR data from Biomark™ HD to determine absolute quantification and provide DNA copy number results. Applications include transgene copy number, e...

GO Immuno-Oncology Workbench

GO Immuno-Oncology Workbench is designed to further analyze primary data obtained with the Advanta™ IO Gene Expression Assay. GO Immuno-Oncology Workbench enables users to analyze large cohorts, di...

IFC Controllers Software (HX, MX, RX, and WX)

The latest software for IFC Controllers HX, MX, RX and WX. To install, follow the instructions in the Update Software and Scripts section of the relevant IFC Controller User Guide (HX/MX, PN 680001...

Singular Analysis Toolset Software

An innovative, open-source solution for analyzing and visualizing data, the Singular™ Analysis Toolset offers powerful methods for identifying gene expression and mutation patterns at the single-ce...

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