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Hyperion XTi Imaging System   

Introducing the Hyperion XTi™ Imaging System, the fastest and most reliable workflow for high-plex imaging.

Discover the throughput and precision that is uniquely designed for translational researchers. 

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We talked about IMC™ and the new Hyperion XTi Imaging System with Hartland Jackson, PhD, and his answers were so brilliant, we just had to share.

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Reasons to choose the Hyperion XTi Imaging System

Change the way you look at cells. Accurately visualize and quantify cells to reveal mechanisms of action that impact disease progression and therapeutic outcomes.

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Powered by proven Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™), Hyperion™ XTi is a next-generation imaging system with 5x the speed and an unmatched limit of detection to accurately quantify and visualize the tissue microenvironment.

IMC is the only technology with

No autofluorescence interference to image any tissue type
40-plus markers imaged simultaneously to get results faster
Protein and RNA co-detection for deeper insights
Integrated cell segmentation for faster interpretation
Batch staining of all slides for high-volume studies
Dual imaging and flow cytometry mode to maximize investment

Learn more about the power of Imaging Mass Cytometry.

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Hyperion XTi reliably visualizes lower-expressing markers like PD-L1. Image represents lung squamous cell carcinoma.


Get results faster

Hyperion™ Imaging Systems use a one-step staining and detection approach that enables samples to be simultaneously stained, acquired and analyzed.


Modularized panels

Swap markers without panel revalidation.


Simultaneous staining

Stain 40-plus markers for all slides at once.


One-step detection

Simultaneous imaging of 40-plus markers, including protein and RNA.


Precise signals

Image any tissue without autofluorescence.


Real-time analysis

Visualize 40-plus markers in 30 minutes.

Need to ship or store slides?

  • All-at-once batch staining of all slides to reduce technical variation
  • Acquire at any time from shipped and/or stored slides that have been stained
  • Analyze previously banked tissue slides to be correlated to known clinical outcomes

A workflow ideal for high-volume samples,
clinical research trials and multi-site studies

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Flexible options to meet your research needs




The immune system is complex.
Experiments don’t have to be. 


Design your panel in days, not months.
Easily customize targets of interest.

1. Start with ready-to-go human and mouse panels

2. Easily add the Maxpar IMC Cell Segmentation Kit to your panel to solve the most important step in spatial biology.

3. Want to further customize your panel? Easily swap targets of interest from an ever-growing catalog of Maxpar IMC antibodies and panels.

Learn more about tissue imaging reagents

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Hartland Jackson, PhD

Entering an era of new biology

Daniel Schulz, PhD

Discovering a chemokine’s purpose in fighting tumors using RNA and protein co-detection


Get the precise results your research deserves.


CyTOF Software v9.0.2

CyTOF® Software v9.0.2 offers instrument control and data acquisition functionality for both imaging and flow applications with the Hyperion XTi™ Imaging System and CyTOF XT™.

MCD Viewer

MCD™ Viewer is post-acquisition data processing software that allows users to visualize, review, and export Imaging Mass Cytometry™ data acquired with the Hyperion™ Imaging System and CyTOF® Softwa...

Visiopharm Software

As high-plex IMC™ data continues to stretch our abilities to interrogate the tumor microenvironment, finding meaningful differences in your data becomes an ever more data-heavy and daunting challen...


ilastik is an open source software for image analysis and machine learning. Using machine learning, ilastik software trains custom workflows for accurate cell segmentation and classification.


The histoCAT™ software is an innovative computational Imaging Mass Cytometry™ analysis toolbox that enables comprehensive analysis of cellular phenotypes and their interrelationships within the spa...


Hyperion XTi is a high-plex imaging system capable of analyzing 40-plus protein markers at subcellular resolution in frozen or formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections. With the ability to utilize up to 135 channels to detect additional parameters, Hyperion XTi is ideal to meet researcher needs today and well into the future.

Instrument Specifications



Mass range

75–209 amu

Abundance sensitivity

<0.3% 141 Pr (M+1 for 140Ce) <0.3% 174 Hf (M–1 for 175 Lu)


800 pixels/sec

Detection limit

≥250 copies per μm2

Dynamic range

4.5 orders of magnitude



Operating system

Windows® 10 Enterprise LTSC

Data storage

3.6 TB

Switch time (between modes)

12 hr

Cross-cell contamination (redeposition)

≤2% (selected direction)

Crosstalk pixel to pixel


Wet tissue thickness for full ablation

≤7 μm

Maximum addressable sample size

15 mm x 55 mm

Optical view of sample

≥250 µm x 250 µm

File type

TXT, multipage TIFF, OME-TIFF, MCD

Scan rate

≥2 mm2/hr

Data Size*  


4–5 MB/channel

Hyperion XTi Tissue Imager Dimensions**


58 cm (23 in)


132 cm (52 in)


58 cm (23 in)


192 kg (423 lb)

* 1,000 x 1,000 µm region of interest (ROI)

** The Hyperion XTi Tissue Imager is connected to the CyTOF XT™ instrument.

Unless explicitly and expressly stated otherwise, all products are provided for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. Find more information here.