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Unveiling new views in spatial biology at AACR 2024

From groundbreaking new imaging modes to the most bookmarked poster, we were busy in San Diego!

From April 5–10, Standard BioTools™ was in San Diego for the American Association for Cancer Research’s Annual Meeting. We welcomed visitors to our two booths, hosted two Exhibitor Spotlight Theaters and displayed nine posters on topics ranging from immune profiling of whole blood to using our new imaging modes to learn more about human gliomas.

We were thrilled to introduce our new groundbreaking whole slide imaging modes for the Hyperion XTi™ Imaging System, providing researchers with the ability to analyze tissue samples at never-before-seen speeds and automation:

  • Preview Mode allows you to scan your tissue to preview the whole slide in only 20 minutes.
  • Cell Mode allows you to dig deeper into regions of interest at single-cell resolution.
  • Tissue Mode allows you to visualize heterogeneity with whole slide tissue imaging.

We also provided a sneak peek of our new Hyperion™ XTi Slide Loader. The automated slide loader, which is equipped with a barcoded slide reader for easy sample identification, enables automatic loading and acquisition of up to 40 slides, allowing researchers to attain a new level of throughput and efficiency by simply loading and walking away.

Our two Exhibitor Spotlight Theaters were extremely well received. Marc Gunter, PhD, of the Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research Unit at Imperial College London, and Karl Smith-Byrne, PhD, of the Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Oxford Population Health, Oxford University, talked about discovering novel causes and biomarkers of cancer through high-dimensional proteomics within a large-scale prospective cohort using the SomaScan® 7K Assay. Hartland W. Jackson, PhD, of the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute and Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, and Jana Fischer, PhD, from Navignostics, put on a standing-room-only presentation at which they discussed using rapid multiplexed tissue imaging to personalize cancer treatments and introduce a high-throughput whole slide modality to profile the immune landscape.

The Standard BioTools posters were also a hit and garnered lots of attention. Our poster on enabling fast and convenient immune profiling of fresh and long-term stabilized human whole blood samples with CyTOF® technology was the most bookmarked in the AACR program app.

Thanks to everyone who visited our booths, attended our Exhibitor Spotlight Theaters, stopped by our poster presentations and got a look at our new technologies! Visit us at CYTO® 2024 in May to meet the team and see these innovations for yourself, and check out our Events page to see what other upcoming conferences we’ll be attending.


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