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PCR Applications

Accurate and reproducible quantitation


PCR has expanded to cover a variety of applications in basic research and diagnostics, including digital PCR, gene expression, genotyping and pathogen detection.

Integrating microfluidics and laser capture microdissection technologies into a PCR workflow is an innovative solution that provides reaction densities far beyond what is possible with microtiter plates and significantly reduces the number of liquid-handling steps and volume per reaction.

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Gene Expression with Microfluidics

Data reproducibility is key to differential gene expression studies. The scalable X9™ System supports tens to hundreds of samples at nanoliter volumes.

Genotyping with Microfluidics

Enhance your productivity with reagents designed to maximize the power of  Juno and the  X9  Real-Time PCR System and reduce costs.

Pathogen Detection with Microfluidics

SARS-CoV-2, like all RNA viruses, evolves and mutates. Since the virus can evolve, the assays designed to detect it must evolve as well.


Application note on pharmacogenomics illustrates method to determine single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and copy number variation (CNV) in a single workflow with Biomark HD.

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