Area of Interest Immune Profiling  Maxpar OnDemand Mouse Immune Profiling Panel Kit

Immune Profiling 

Maxpar OnDemand Mouse Immune
Profiling Panel Kit

Simplifying high-parameter flow cytometry, from end to end

The Maxpar® OnDemand Mouse Immune Profiling Panel Kit includes everything required to stain and analyze your mouse samples. In addition, Maxpar Pathsetter™ templates are available to expedite analysis from data to insights.

All-in-one kit

33 carefully curated immune profiling antibodies

Easily customize panels

Ever-growing catalog to include your targets of interest

Minimal sample required

No samples wasted on spectral controls

Blue icon illustrating immune profiling application

An end-to-end solution for high-parameter mouse studies.

Don’t miss the unexpected. Easily characterize breadth and depth of immune cell subpopulations to gain deeper insights into complex biology.

Designed as a simple workflow, the solution brings together CyTOF® technology, a 33-antibody reagent kit and Maxpar Pathsetter templates, enabling identification of 38 mouse immune cell populations. Maximize insights for preclinical and discovery research.

Maxpar OnDemand™ Mouse Immune Profiling Panel Kit enables the characterization of 38 splenic immune subsets in Maxpar Pathsetter analysis.

Product details

Maxpar OnDemand Mouse Immune Profiling Panel Kit includes:

  • 33 surface antibodies (25 µL each, approximately 25 tests)
  • All buffers (Cell Staining, Fix and Perm, Cell Acquisition) Rh and Ir
  • Available for download:
    • Application note
    • Pathsetter Method templates
    • Acquisition templates
    • FCS Express™ template
    • Panel Designer CSV file for importing



Ordering information:


Catalog Number

Maxpar® OnDemand™ Mouse Immune Profiling Panel Kit 9200001
Maxpar Pathsetter™ v3.0 (1-year license) 401019
Maxpar OnDemand Mouse Immune Profiling Panel Kit + Pathsetter v3.0 (1-year license) 9200001PS

Included markers

CD3ε CD45 CD335/NKp46
CD4 CD45R/B220 CX3CR1
CD8a CD49b F4/80
CD11b CD62L IgM
CD11c CD80/B7-1 Ly-6C
CD19 CD127/IL7Ra Ly-6G
CD21 CD138 MHC class II
CD25 CD170/Siglec-F NK1.1
CD27 CD197/CCR7 TCRβ
CD43 CD274/PD-L1 TCRγδ
CD44 CD279/PD-1 XCR1




Your local sales representative can put you in touch with a trained field application specialist to answer your questions about how to use the products and perform analysis. Ask for a quote today.



Easily customize panels by adding or replacing markers of interest. With 15 open channels, you are ready to add more targets of interest. Discover our collection of CyTOF catalog antibodies to target your research objectives.



Adding 10 Maxpar antibodies to the Maxpar OnDemand Mouse Immune Profiling Panel Kit enabled characterization of 55 pulmonary immune subsets with automated Pathsetter analysis. Take a look at the 66 new metal-tagged antibodies for mouse studies.



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