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To refine targeted therapies and advance precision medicine approaches, researchers must create strategies to tackle the complexities of biological heterogeneity and progress our understanding of disease biology.

Rapid and unbiased high-dimensional proteomics can support project success — ensuring nothing is missed.

Laboratory services provide the easiest and fastest way to answer your translational and clinical questions, without having to invest in expensive resources. De-risk your project and capture maximum insights:

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Novel biomarker Discovery

Tumor icon

Investigating the tumor microenvironment

Mechanism of action icon

Reveal mechanism of action

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Complementary data sets for clinical trials

Visualize spatial context

Profile cell populations

It’s as easy as
1, 2, 3

  1. Consult project objectives and study design
  2. Select from ready-to-go panel kits or choose from over 800 conjugated antibodies
  3. Receive analyzed and raw data sets

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Why use
Standard BioTools
Discovery Lab services?

Flexible workflows

No CyTOF experience required

Reproducible and size manageable data sets

Maintain ownership of all raw and analyzed data

Experienced with international shipping

Types of services

Standard vs. Custom.

What is the difference?

Standard projects utilize more than 45 pre-optimized panel kits and over 800 individual catalog antibodies

Don’t see what you need in our catalog?

Build a custom project. Custom conjugation service is available with a reduced price for antibody service projects.

Standard projects

The fastest option that leverages a library of pre-optimized panels.

  • Choose from a library of ready-to-go, modular panels
  • Select data acquisition: CyTOF® XT and/or Hyperion™ XTi
  • Receive data analysis report and raw data

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Custom projects

Build your project to suit your specific study needs.
Options include:

  • Panel design
  • Use of over 800 conjugated antibodies
  • Custom conjugation
  • Staining
  • Panel validation
  • Data acquisition: CyTOF XT and/or Hyperion XTi
Data analysis options
  • Phenoplex™ software available from Visiopharm®
  • Pathsetter™ Method Customization service
  • MCD™ SmartViewer Image Analysis service

Global service and demo labs

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Discovery Lab

Toronto, Canada

Providing CyTOF and Imaging Mass Cytometry services and demonstrations.

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Assay Services Lab

Boulder, Colorado
CLIA CAP certified lab

Providing CyTOF, MaxPar Direct,
Immune Profiling Assay

SomaScan 7K and 11K services

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Grant support

The Discovery Lab has the resources and expertise to help customers with details and data needed for grant submissions – saving time and resources.

Some examples include:

  • Letter of support
  • Panel design
  • Proof of concept data set
  • Relevant publications for their application
  • Specifications details for instruments, antibodies and data analysis software

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Unless explicitly and expressly stated otherwise, all products are provided for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. Find more information here.