Products Instruments X9 High-Throughput Genomics System

X9 High-Throughput Genomics System

Deep Insights With Nanoscale Genomics

Simple Workflows for Superior Efficiency

The X9™ High-Throughput Genomics System is a versatile microfluidics-based benchtop platform that delivers thousands of nanoliter-scale reactions in a single run – ensuring cost-effective, comprehensive and scalable sample profiling with minimal operator contribution.

Now you can manage your lab’s resources, time and effort and also keep up with high-productivity demands. Streamline your real-time PCR workflows to generate up to 46,080 datapoints per 8-hour shift or produce up to 384 barcoded libraries per day for your NGS needs on one compact platform.

Automation Workflows

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Just how much can you do with the new X9?

From 100s of NGS libraries to 1,000s of PCR reactions, here's X9 by the numbers.

The NEW X9 High-Throughput Genomics System


Simplify workflows for real-time PCR and NGS library prep for superior efficiency.

The versatile and compact X9 System helps you do more with less resources.

 Learn how microfluidics-based workflow automation is transforming genomic analyses (with Michael Egholm, CEO, Standard BioTools).