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Looking toward a greener future

Standard BioTools is pleased to announce that we’re a My Green Lab Experimental Sponsor, reaffirming our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are pressing issues that are top of mind and affecting all industries. In the life sciences sphere, a laboratory is an incredibly resource-intensive space, with concerns about packaging waste, instrument efficiency or even the environmental impact of products or processes. But all is not lost: There are a multitude of ways to make meaningful change in your research space and throughout your company.

Standard BioTools™ has taken many actionable steps to reduce our environmental impact, including:

  • Installing a lighting system with motion activators to reduce wasted energy
  • Implementing recycling of disposable lab materials, including gloves, masks, lab coats, plastic tubing, pipettes and pipette tips
  • Using sustainable purchasing practices, asking such questions as: Does this product use less material? Is this product packaged in a more sustainable way? Does this product reduce toxicity or use less hazardous chemistry? Does this product consume less energy and/or less water?

We’re also reducing our environmental footprint by using sustainable microfluidics-based solutions. Microfluidics approaches allow you to run a large number of reactions at once, meaning you use less sample, less energy and less material, which reduces your carbon footprint.

To that end, Standard BioTools is pleased to announce that we’re a My Green Lab® Experimental Sponsor, reaffirming our strong commitment to sustainability both in our products and our corporate structure.

My Green Lab is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the sustainability of scientific research and looking to lead scientists, vendors, designers, energy providers and others toward a world in which research reflects the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. The organization, which focuses solely on laboratory environments, develops standards, oversees their implementation and inspires behavioral changes needed throughout the scientific community.

Science can lead sustainability, and a greener laboratory – and world – is achievable if we step up and make changes. At Standard BioTools, we are all striving to transform scientific discoveries into better outcomes while reducing our environmental footprint with sustainable solutions for genomic analysis.

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