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Thanks for a wonderful 2023

Standard BioTools™ closed out the year with a full fall conference season. Here are some of the exciting regional events at which we had the opportunity to showcase our newest tools and technology.

British Association for Cancer Research

We attended the British Association for Cancer Research (BACR) Tumour Microenvironment and 3D Model Workshop from September 6–8 in Nottingham, UK. The meeting focused on modeling the tumor microenvironment (TME) in vitro and included talks from speakers describing state-of-the art techniques for modeling different aspects of the TME, innovative technologies that can be applied to interrogating models and the application of such models in translation to the clinic. To learn more about how our technology enables studies that reveal significant details of tumor development, progression and treatment, check out our blog post on harnessing the power of mouse models.


German Society for Cytometry

The German Society for Cytometry’s (DGfZ) 33rd Annual Meeting took place from September 19–21 in Berlin, Germany. The theme this year was Dimensions of Cytometry, and about 200 participants met to discuss the many facets of cytometry, its applications and the variety of career tracks it offers. We were thrilled to introduce attendees to the power of CyTOF® technology, which enables deep immune profiling without the challenges of complicated spectral overlap and results in precise, reproducible data.


CRI-ENCI-AACR International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference

The 7th CRI-ENCI-AACR International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference (CICON) was held in Milan, Italy, from September 20–23. CICON23 brought together top scientists and clinicians and included round tables on organ-specific malignancies. Attendees were updated on the most recent advancements in basic, translational, clinical and reverse translational research. They also heard about how Standard BioTools powerful technology has been adopted for use in dozens of clinical research trials around the world. Learn more about why CyTOF flow cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) are so well suited for clinical and translational research.


Alleanza Contro il Cancro

The Alleanza Contro il Cancro (ACC) hosted its 8th annual meeting in Genoa, Italy, from September 27–29. The ACC’s mission is to bring technological and organizational innovation from basic research to clinical practice, raising and standardizing the level of assistance, treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients throughout its network. Read more about how our tools and services support advances in immuno-oncology research, including cell profiling and biomarker identification.


European Society for Clinical Cell Analysis

Standard BioTools attended the European Society for Clinical Cell Analysis (ESCCA) annual meeting in Utrecht, Netherlands, from September 27–30. The ESCCA meetings are of major importance for educational and scientific exchange in the fields of basic, translational and clinical applications in cytometry, in particular flow cytometry applications, and in hematology, immunology, cancer and cell biology. If you’re curious about how CyTOF technology can unveil new cell types, functions and biomarkers in a wide array of fields, read our blog post about the five reasons to go beyond the limits of fluorescence.


Tumor Heterogeneity, Plasticity and Therapy

The Tumor Heterogeneity, Plasticity and Therapy conference took place in Leuven, Belgium, from October 3–4. With 350 participants hailing from 23 different countries, the event provided a platform for scientists, researchers and clinicians to delve into the complex world of cancer, its heterogeneity and plasticity and evolving therapeutic approaches.


University of Liverpool event

The University of Liverpool hosted an event in collaboration with Standard BioTools on October 12. The All About Mass Cytometry seminar saw the university’s Joe Slupsky and Christopher Law and Standard BioTools Senior Regional Sales Manager Lynesay McKay and Field Applications Scientists Melissa Klug and Dawar Pasha present on using flow cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry technologies to understand signaling pathways involved in leukemia and lymphoma progression, therapeutic resistance and cancer metastasis. IMC™ is a trusted technology that allows researchers to capture rare or unexpected cell populations by providing precision data with discrete signals, and its easy panel design and minimal sample requirements mean you get results faster.


European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group

The European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group (ELRIG) held its Drug Discovery 2023 meeting from October 18–19 in Liverpool, UK. With a theme of Diverse Thinking – New Perspectives, the conference united the drug discovery community to celebrate cutting-edge science and technology positioned to tackle major challenges in human health. Researchers around the world are using CyTOF technology to advance drug development and efficacy testing, from targeting inflammation in an effort to treat heart disease to modeling drug responses using triple negative breast cancer patient-derived xenografts.


Germany Society of Immunology

The Germany Society of Immunology (DGfI) Autumn School took place October 22–27 in Merseburg, Germany. The meeting offered an up-to-date educational journey through the immune system, and included lectures by internationally renowned experts, student presentations and interactive sessions. Attendees learned about how our tools and technology are used in wide-ranging immunology research to capture the complexity of the immune system and reveal often-unanticipated immune cell interactions.


Spatial Biology Congress: Asia

We attended the Spatial Biology Congress: Asia in Singapore from November 7–8. The two day meeting brought together over 200 regional and international researchers and scientists from academia and industry and provided an opportunity to learn new strategies, the latest analysis techniques and methods to fully utilize spatial biology to its greatest potential. Boon-Eng, Senior Manager, Service and Support at Standard BioTools, gave a breakfast workshop on how to visualize spatial biology confidently with IMC.


Spanish Association for Cancer Research

The Spanish Association for Cancer Research (ASEICA) held its 40th anniversary congress from November 14–16 in A Coruña, Spain. ASEICA focuses on bringing together leading basic and clinical researchers in cancer research in the country and promoting cancer research and scientific dissemination. Check out this blog post to learn more about how our reliable tools can help decipher one of the most challenging forms of cancer.


French Cytometry Association

The 26th meeting of the French Cytometry Association took place from November 15–17 in Toulouse, France. The program highlighted the many different fields of cytometry, including conventional, mass, spectral, imaging and flow approaches. There was also a focus on questions of biosecurity and environmental approaches as well as local and regional scientific research in the fields of oncology, infectious disease, inflammation and metabolism.



Thanks to everyone for a great 2023, and here’s looking forward to an eventful 2024!



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