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Translational and Clinical Research

Mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry use is expanding in clinical research trials

CyTOF® technology has been adopted for use in dozens of clinical research trials around the world to investigate multiple areas of human disease to understand and improve prevention and therapeutics.

Here’s why:

  • 50-plus unique markers per panel maximize information from every precious patient sample.

  • Cells stained with metal-tagged antibodies can be frozen, stored and shipped reliably.

  • Panels are easier to adjust to accommodate new findings than those that are fluorescence-based.

  • Multiple publications prove that CyTOF assays and instruments provide reliable and reproducible results.


The use of mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry™ in clinical trials continues to steadily grow and be standardized across trials related to cancer immunotherapies.

Download the CyTOF clinical trials flyer to learn details about the network involved in standardization of CyTOF in clinical trials and more.

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Growing adoption of CyTOF technology in National Clinical Trials

207 Trials as of June 2022

Sources: and various publications

National Clinical Trials citing CyTOF technology by research area

*Includes allergy, cardiac disease, pulmonary disease and stem cell

CyTOF® for drug development

Expand the questions you can ask and get the most from those small samples … Hear directly from CyTOF users about why they use mass cytometry for their immune profiling studies, from high-parameter needs in vaccine development to quantitative receptor analysis for drug development and immunotherapy testing. 




Sample types:

- Whole blood


- Bone marrow

- Tissue digests

- Tumor digests


Stain, store, barcode

- Stain samples at multiple sites or on different days. 

- Store, freeze and ship samples to a centralized location. 

- Barcode samples to combine in a single tube.



Analyze samples on CyTOF XT™ or  Helios™ to measure 50 or more proteins in a single cell. 


Cutting Edge Cytometry and Clinical Trials: A Case Study

Caroline Roe, MLI

Caroline Roe, MLI
Managing Director
Cancer & Immunology Core
Vanderbilt University

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Method validation studies using the Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™

Sasidhar Vemula, PhD

Sasidhar Vemula, PhD
Lead Scientist
Translational Biomarker Solutions
Labcorp Drug Development
Vanderbilt University

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CyTOF in the Cancer Immune Monitoring and Analysis Centers (CIMAC): standardization and harmonization

Holden Maecker, PhD

Holden Maecker, PhD
Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
Director of the Human Immune Monitoring Center, Stanford University

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A complete immune monitoring solution with CyTOF: Ideal for pandemics and beyond

Frederik De Smet, MSc, PhD

Frederik De Smet, MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Leuven, Belgium

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Leveraging CyTOF to track cancer vaccine induced T cell responses for up to 20 years

Erika J. Crosby, PhD

Erika J. Crosby, PhD
Center for Applied Therapeutics RCR/R&R Curriculum Manager, Duke University Medical Center

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Using mass cytometry to identify clinically relevant biological signatures in human health and disease

Brice Gaudilliere, MD, PhD

Brice Gaudilliere, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Departments of Anesthesiology, Perioperative & Pain Medicine and (by courtesy) of Pediatrics, Stanford University School of Medicine

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Customer Stories

Learn more about how our customers are leveraging Standard BioTools™ technology



Wendy Fantl, PhD

Spotlight MC Fantl Wendy

On the right path to better ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment

Lori Turner, PhD


A quick pivot to COVID-19 research with CyTOF

Hema Kothari, PhD

A lesson in how CyTOF technology can empower flexibility in research

Marcelo Sztein, MD

Spotlight MC Marcelo

Research focuses on infection, vaccination in humans


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