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Fisheries and Aquaculture With Microfluidics

Utilizing microfluidics with the Biomark X9 System, achieve 100x faster decision making in
disease management, feeding strategy and animal welfare

Shift paradigms with the only real-time PCR and NGS library prep system on the market. 

The Biomark™ X9 System for High-Throughput Genomics delivers cost-effective, comprehensive and scalable sample profiling with minimal operator contribution on a completely new platform.


Real-time PCR for real-time disease management 

Early detection and comprehensive understanding of disease dynamics are key.

The Biomark X9™ System offers precise genomic insights, aiding in the development of disease-resistant breeds and effective management strategies. 

Optimize nutrition and feed efficiency 

Optimize feed strategies by understanding genetic factors influencing feed conversion and nutrient utilization, leading to cost-effective and environmentally friendly aquaculture practices. 

Pick the genetic

Utilize the Biomark X9 System to identity genetic markers linked to growth disease resistance and environmental adaptation to continuously improve the quality of your breeding generations. 

Biodiversity analysis and full transparency 

Ensure the authenticity and quality of aquaculture products through their DNA, meeting consumer demands for ethical and sustainable seafood. 

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Streamlined workflow

Optimize lab efficiencies with gene expression, genotyping and NGS library preparation workflows that can generate results in as little as two hours, or eight hours for NGS

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Go beyond the surface – only with the X9 System

Move the slider to the left on the images below to find out what you can see beyond the surface with the Biomark X9 System.

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Whether it's detecting pathogens, screening for immune markers or understanding feed profiles, design your panel of choice with our free D3™ software suite.

Yes, this is a core functionality of the Biomark X9 System.

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The Biomark X9 System is capable of performing significantly faster and more operations at the same time compared with any other device on the market. You can run 9000 reactions in just under 1.5 hours on one BIomark X9, vs more than 30 hours compared to conventional PCR systems.

With the Biomark X9 System, you can test for multiple different pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and more, for hundreds of samples simultaneously.

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Yes, the small footprint, ease of use and robustness of the Biomark X9 System allow it to be installed anywhere.

See how the Biomark system is being used for on-vessel analysis of salmon. 

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We have a lot more about the Biomark X9 System that we can share. 

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We are very popular because we can deliver data quickly. That is in much part thanks to the Biomark that allows us to react immediately when we need to.

– Dorte Bekkevold | DTU Aqua

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See how this technology has been used to study salmon health

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