The New X9 Real-time PCR System | An innovative high-capacity genomics system for superior efficiency

More Data. Deeper Insights. Less Effort.

Real-time PCR, also referred to as quantitative PCR (qPCR), has become the standard in many labs for accurate, sensitive and precise detection of both DNA and RNA targets. For many researchers who employ this technology, automated workflows provide the added benefits of cost savings, ease of use and standardization.

Meet the X9™ Real-Time PCR System, which enables high data output with more than 9,000 individual nanoliter reactions in a single run, ensuring cost-effective, comprehensive sample profiling with minimal operator contribution.

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Automation Workflows

X9™ Real-Time PCR System

X9 Real-Time PCR System


More Data

Integrated reaction setup in a single system for streamlined laboratory operation generating up to 46,080 datapoints per
8-hour shift

Deeper Insights

Immediately add or remove assays for up to 96 targets with singleplex simplicity

Less Effort

Microfluidics-based automated platform with single-touchpoint operation offering maximum flexibility to address various project needs

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X9 Real-Time PCR System

Meet the demand for high productivity with X9.

Watch this video to learn how you can do more with less with the X9 Real-Time PCR System.

The X9 Real-Time PCR System enables high data output with more than 9,000 individual nanoliter-volume reactions in a single run, ensuring cost-effective, comprehensive sample profiling with minimal operator contribution. Instead of using 96 plates worth of reagents, plastic and labor, X9 can reduce an experiment to a single chip. The X9 platform, powered by an intuitive interface for an effortless user experience, streamlines laboratory operations by integrating reaction setup into an automated workflow.

Proven microfluidics technology


Streamline your lab in days with high-plex panel design (with up to 192 samples or assays) using singleplex simplicity, and reduce sample and reagent input more than 100x.

Integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) form the backbone of the X9 system, supporting different configurations of samples and assays for multiple applications. Each Dynamic Array™ IFC is precision-manufactured to exacting standards of performance and reliability.

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Webinar: X9 Real-Time PCR System: An Innovative, High-Capacity Genomics System for Superior Efficiency

Are you processing a large number of plates in your lab using traditional real-time PCR? Are your lab operators spending too much time pipetting at the bench when they could be using this time for other activities?

Microfluidics-based genomic technologies from Standard BioTools can revolutionize your laboratory operations and help you meet the demand for high productivity with less effort. In this presentation, we describe how the new X9 Real-Time PCR System gives customers access to an extremely efficient, high-capacity genomics solution that offers the ability to work within the resources of a lab and produce the same amount of or even more data using less time and less money.

Watch the webinar to learn how the X9 Real-Time PCR System can empower your laboratory to obtain deeper insights from a large number of samples in a single experiment and help you better profile your biological system while saving time and resources.

Dynamic Array IFCs supported on X9 Real-Time PCR System

48.48 Dynamic Array IFC-X Real-Time PCR

Enables 2,304 reactions using 48 samples and assays

96.96 Dynamic Array IFC for Gene Expression
96.96 Dynamic Array IFC for Genotyping   
96.96 GT Preamp IFC-X
(Coming Soon)

Enables 9,216 reactions using 96 samples and assays

192.24 Dynamic Array IFC for Gene Expression 192.24 Dynamic Array IFC for Genotyping

Enables 4,608 reactions using 192 samples and 24 assays

Broad range of applications


X9 and a portfolio of IFCs and reagent kits facilitate a broad range of applications and throughput needs using real-time PCR. The versatility of the platform allows both standard assays such as the Advanta™ Sample ID Genotyping Panel and custom assays produced using D3 design services.

You can quickly modify or add to any assay for immediate implementation.

Learn more about applications:

Gene Expression. Genotyping. Copy Number Variation.

Streamlined workflow

Optimize lab efficiencies with gene expression and genotyping workflows that can generate results in as little as two hours.

1: Prepare master mixes, samples and detection assays. 2: Pipet samples and assay mixes into Dynamic Array. 3: Load, cycle and image Dynamic Array on X9.  4:Analyze data.

X9 performance data



Figure 1. High-precision performance. A 16-point dilution series of synthetic cDNA analyzed against an assay targeting GAPDH. Inset shows a magnified region of the amplification curves.



Figure 2. Reproducible amplification. Amplification curves of 96 replicates of a synthetic cDNA sample run against an assay targeting GAPDH. Mean Ct is 12.4 with a standard deviation of 0.06 Ct.

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