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Spotlight IMC David Rimm

David L. Rimm, MD, PhD

David Rimm on the value of Imaging Mass Cytometry for immunology applications at Yale

Scientist Michael Stubbington, PhD

A new single-cell sequencing tool brings fresh insight to functional T cell studies

Spotlight MF Jo Vandesompele

Jo Vandesompele, PhD

Jo Vandesompele at Ghent University discusses a deep dive into single-cell sequencing

Medium sized color headshot image of Kara Davis, DO

Kara Davis, DO

Predicting relapse in childhood leukemia and expanding therapy options

Spotlight MF Ansu Satpathy

Ansuman Satpathy, MD, PhD

Stanford’s Ansu Satpathy designed single-cell T-ATAC-seq, now available at Script Hub

Spotlight MC Fantl Wendy

Wendy Fantl, PhD

On the right path to better ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment

Spotlight MC Marcelo

Marcelo Sztein, MD

Research focuses on infection, vaccination in humans


Rebecca Ihrie, PhD

How CyTOF technology enabled a look into the heterogeneity of glioblastoma.

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