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Did you miss the unexpected at AACR?

Our new imaging system was a hit.

Our booth had a steady stream of attendees interested in getting a peek at the just-launched Hyperion XTi.

From April 14–19, Standard BioTools™ was in sunny Orlando at the American Association for Cancer Research’s 2023 Annual Meeting, welcoming visitors to our booth, presenting a record number of scientific posters and unveiling a powerful new instrument.

We were thrilled to launch the Hyperion XTi™ Imaging System, a next-generation imaging system with 5x the speed and an unmatched limit of detection. Hyperion™ XTi is powered by Imaging Mass Cytometry™, the most trusted technology enabling researchers to accurately assess complex phenotypes and immune interactions in the tissue microenvironment. At our launch event on April 17, Hartland Jackson, PhD, Investigator at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Sinai Health, spoke to an attentive audience about how his team has pushed high-plex spatial analysis to new limits using Hyperion XTi.


We also thoroughly enjoyed the scientific workshop put on by Irene Ghobrial, MD, Director, Clinical Investigator Research Program, Lavine Family Chair for Preventative Cancer Therapies, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School. Ghobrial presented Unlocking the Potential of Bone Marrow Imaging with Imaging Mass Cytometry to Improve Clinical Outcome Predictions in Hematologic Malignancies. Tumor-immune spatial interactions have been extensively studied in solid tumors but not hematologic malignancies due to technical barriers to imaging formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded bone marrow sections. IMC™ reliably and accurately quantifies and visualizes the bone marrow microenvironment without autofluorescence.

Our nine scientific posters were extremely well received, and covered topics that ranged from applying neuro phenotyping panels to identify major cell populations that make up human and mouse brain matter to creating a workflow that combines RNAscope™ technology for RNA detection with IMC to visualize key RNA and protein markers in the same tumor samples.

The Standard BioTools booth had a steady stream of attendees interested in getting a peek at the just-launched Hyperion XTi. Visitors also got to learn about our refreshed CyTOF® XT™ instrument, the X9™ High-Throughput Genomics System with new library prep enablement, the new Maxpar® OnDemand™ Mouse Immune Profiling Panel Kit, a neuro IMC panel and other products.

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