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Immune Profiling

Human TBMNK+G and Broad Immune
Profiling CyTOF Panels

Bringing versatility to immune profiling

Select from basic or broad immune profiling CyTOF® panels, optimized for fresh or fixed whole blood and PBMC samples to capture key markers of interest.

Improve longitudinal and multi-site studies with the option to preserve and store samples as needed – enabling more flexibility to stain and process samples at any time and from any location.

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Build an immune profiling backbone for any study

Start with the essentials

Choose the Human TBMNK+G CyTOF Panel, 9 Antibodies to identify major immune cell subsets (T cells, B cells, myeloid cells, NK cells and granulocytes) and add your markers of choice.

Cell Population




Pan-leukocyte CD45  HI30 89Y
T cell CD8a SK1 142Nd
CD4 SK3 144Nd
CD3 UCHT1 170Er
B cell CD19  HIB19 145Nd
Monocyte CD14 M5E2 146Nd
CD16 3G8 209Bi 
NK cell CD56 NCAM16.2  149Sm
Granulocyte CD66b G10F5 152Sm


Go beyond

For greater coverage of immune cell subsets, the Human Broad Immune Profiling CyTOF Panel, 20 Antibodies offers 20 markers to identify 32 immune cell types. 

Cell Population




Pan-leukocyte CD45  HI30 89Y
T cell CD8a SK1 142Nd
CD4 SK3 144Nd
CD45RA HI100 150Nd
CD161 HP-3G10 151Eu
CD27 L128 155Gd
CD28 CD28.2 160Gd
CD45RO UCHL1 163Dy
CD3 UCHT1 170Er
B cell CD19  HIB19 145Nd
CD20 2H7 156Gd
Myeloid CD123/IL-3R 6H6 143Nd
CD14 M5E2 146Nd
CD11c Bu15 147Sm
CD38 HB-7 161Dy
HLA-DR L243 176Yb
CD16 3G8 209Bi
NK cell CD56 NCAM16.2  149Sm
Granulocyte CD66b G10F5 152Sm
CD49d 9F10 141Pr

Stain and process samples on your schedule

The human basic and broad immune profiling panels are fully compatible with popular stabilization reagents, conserving cell population integrity even under fixed conditions.

Whole blood samples can be preserved at any time point, eliminating time-sensitive challenges when processing samples for multi-site and longitudinal studies.



Representative dot plots showing the compatibility of the Human Broad Immune Profiling CyTOF Panel with stabilization reagents in three different workflows


Compatibility of the human immune profiling panels

Product details


Part Number

Human TBMNK+G  CyTOF Panel, 9 Antibodies 201338B/C
Human Broad Immune Profiling CyTOF Panel, 20 Antibodies 201339B/C
Maxpar® Cell Surface Staining Kit 201601
Maxpar Cytoplasmic/Secreted Antigen Staining Kit 201602
Maxpar Nuclear Antigen Staining Kit 201603
Maxpar Phosphoprotein Staining Kit 201604

† Part numbers end in B for 100 µL test size and C for 25 µL test size.




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