Dual Mode Use of CyTOF Technology 

Single instrument for high-multiplex analysis in tissue samples or cells in solution 

The Hyperion™ Imaging System is composed of a Hyperion Tissue Imager attached to a Helios* instrument. This system has the capability to perform high-multiplex characterization spanning cell suspension and tissue samples using proven CyTOF® technology. Convenient switching between tissue imaging and suspension modes offers benefits to both core labs that offer mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry™ services and to translational researchers who need data from multiple sample types or who want to add in-depth spatial data to their work previously performed using disaggregated tissue samples analyzed by mass or flow cytometry.  

Blue icon illustrating Dual mode application

Translational researchers may want to compare different samples to get more comprehensive datasets that can contribute to greater research insights. For instance, Kevin Kelley, MD, PhD, an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Southern California, commented “The Hyperion Imaging System offers the capability to assess the characteristics of both circulating and tissue cells in a multiplex manner offering a substantial return on investment for the cancer researcher.”  

One example of dual mode use is presented in anexcellent webcast, Mapping Immunity Across Time, Space and Disease State. Hear Thomas Ashhurst, PhD, the High‐Dimensional Cytometry Specialist in the Sydney Cytometry Facility, explain how he applies both mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry for immune cell characterization to evaluate the evolving immune response over time in viral inflammatory responses.  

Other information resources on dual mode use:  

Is your core taking advantage of a dual mode system?

If not, ask your sales representative how you can add a Hyperion Tissue Imager to your existing Helios and increase your ROI from this investment. You can run suspension samples during the day, and with the automated capabilities of the Hyperion Imaging System you can run IMC samples overnight and over weekends.

Watch this video to learn why Phil Hobson, PhD, who is Deputy Head of the flow core lab at the Francis Crick Institute, added two Hyperion Imaging Systems in addition to also using Helios for cell suspension analysis. 

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*The new CyTOF XT™ instrument functions only in suspension mode and has important advantages over the Helios for suspension-only users. Talk with your sales representative to determine whether a CyTOF XT or a Hyperion Imaging System is right for you. 

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