Power a new future in agricultural genomics. MICROFLUIDICS. MEGA INSIGHTS.

A toolbox to help ease the path to advancement

Agricultural genomics encompasses many approaches, from whole genome sequencing and genome-wide association studies to DNA fingerprinting and genotyping by sequencing. Tools that easily enable methods such as high-density marker ID or high-throughput marker screening play a significant role in further advancements. We provide you with a personalized toolbox with:

  • Customizable assay designs enabling analysis of any species type
  • Application breadth to interrogate numerous genomic questions
  • Choice of chemistries that support performance requirements
  • Flexible and scalable throughput options that can adapt to changing needs

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Jordan Moore
New Tools for Molecular-Assisted Breeding, Pathogen Detection and Quality Control Assessment in Plants and Seeds

Jordan Moore
Senior Field Applications Specialist
Standard BioTools™

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