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Maxpar Antibody Conjugation Service for Mass Cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry

Expand your suspension or imaging CyTOF panels with custom isotope-conjugated antibodies

The use of metal-labeled antibodies as part of CyTOF® technology is the most comprehensive way to profile cell phenotype and function for cells in suspension or in tissue samples, enabling simultaneous detection of over 40 cellular targets for imaging or 50 cellular targets for suspension in every precious sample.

Whether you’re building a mid-range or high-plex CyTOF panel, we offer the extensive Standard BioTools™ catalog of preconjugated antibodies and antibody panel kits to help get you there.

We understand and can help with your panel design needs. If you have a proprietary antibody to add to your panel or require customized design, our Maxpar® Antibody Conjugation Service is committed to your success.

Select the desired isotope from our 48 high-purity metal tags (including 209Bi, 89Y and 7 new cadmium tags for mass cytometry), decide which confirmation method you prefer – biochemical analysis or more extensive biologic functional testing – and place your order.

After our expert scientists perform the conjugation and analysis, we’ll send your antibody conjugate along with a detailed analytic report.




Save time and resources by letting the experts do the labeling and quality control for you.


Extend your mass cytometry panels by adding metal-labeled targets not yet available in the Maxpar catalog.


Conjugation service performed by our professional technicians ensures product with consistently high quality and reliable performance.

Custom Conjugation Workflow


Custom Conjugation Service Specifications and Ordering Information


Antibody Conjugation Service
with Biological Confirmation
Antibody Conjugation Service
with Biochemical Confirmation
Biochemical analysis provided Yes Yes
Biological confirmation performed Yes
(Available for Helios™/CyTOF® only)*
Staining profile and titer data Yes No
Timeline 5 to 6 weeks from receipt of antibody 3 to 4 weeks from receipt of antibody
Standard scale
Input 200 µg
Purified, protein-free buffer
Cat. No. 3999999-1
Yield: 100 tests (1–3 x 106 cells)
Cat. No. 3999999-2
Yield: 40 µg minimum
Bulk scale
Variable input mass of antibody
Purified, protein-free buffer
Cat. No. 3999999-5
Extra 100-test vial
Additional units of 100 tests each
Cat. No. 3999999-7
Yield: 200 µg minimum
Cat. No. 3999999-8
Yield: 600 µg minimum

*Not available for antibodies used on the Hyperion™ Imaging System

Ligands and buffer suitable for custom conjugation—IgG monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are routinely conjugated. The feasibility of conjugating other antibody isotypes and proteins is considered on a case-by-case basis. To facilitate labeling, ligands must be provided purified, unconjugated and in a protein-free buffer at minimum concentration of 0.5 mg/mL.

Source of antibodies—Antibodies to be custom-conjugated may be either provided by the customer or purchased from a commercial source. Where Standard BioTools purchases an antibody on behalf of a customer, the cost is quoted and billed as a separate line item, Cat. No. 3999999-3, Antibody Material Handling Charge.

Quality control—All custom conjugations are subject to rigorous biochemical confirmation, including inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, determination of concentration and yield and assessment of ratio of attachment of metal atoms to antibody. Optionally available biological confirmation service involves empirical testing by CyTOF on cells, with optimal titer determined and the conjugate formulated for delivery in a 100-test vial.

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Unless explicitly and expressly stated otherwise, all products are provided for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. Find more information here.