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Hyperion+ Imaging System

Imaging Mass Cytometry: Visualize spatial biology. Confidently.

The Hyperion+™ Imaging System allows access to single-cell insights twice as fast as the Hyperion™ Imaging System. This includes a deeper understanding of the intricate spatial relationships of cells, pathways and phenotypes in the tissue microenvironment.



Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) with the Hyperion+ Imaging System allows you to uncover important spatial relationships with high-plex imaging of 40-plus markers simultaneously at subcellular resolution.

A precisely directed laser beam focused at 1 μm collects biological samples stained with metal-tagged Maxpar® antibodies from a region of interest. Next, discrete signals from each ionized metal tag are detected with proven CyTOF® technology, based on differences in mass instead of wavelength. Thus, IMC eliminates autofluorescence and achieves uniform staining with minimal background. Large panels can be rapidly designed with little concern about antibody order or label assignment.

The Hyperion+ Imaging System is the ideal solution when you work with heterogeneous biology where assessing key spatial information is critical to driving a deeper understanding of healthy and disease states. This system acquires images twice as fast as the Hyperion Imaging System and can process 100-plus samples per week or 24 tissue microarrays per day. It also improves the limit of detection by at least 1.6x, meaning it better detects dim markers. Use this system to gain a better understanding of immunotherapy responses that could ultimately help extend patient lives. It can also be used to get faster results when you have a high number of samples or large cohort studies.




Design panels using pathologist-verified Maxpar antibodies conjugated to metal tags. 



Stain tissues (FFPE or frozen) using familiar immunohistochemistry protocols.



Image up to 40 protein markers in one scan at single-cell resolution using the Hyperion Imaging System.



Analyze images in minutes using the MCD™ Viewer and easily export the resulting files for secondary analysis.


Learn about newly discovered translational insights and find links to prominent examples of researchers’ work to learn why IMC is so valued for top spatial biology applications. Visit the new IMC Trending Topics and Publications page to see articles, tips, news and the latest IMC bibliography.

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Learn about the Imaging Mass Cytometry data analysis pipeline.


CyTOF Software

CyTOF® Software offers support for the imaging and cell suspension-based sample analysis to Hyperion™ Imaging System and Helios™ system users. The software has the built-in capability to switch sam...

CyTOF Software (Non-acquisition workstations only)

CyTOF® Software  offers support for imaging analysis to Hyperion™ Imaging System users.

CyTOF Software v8.0

CyTOF® Software v8.0 offers support for cell suspension-based sample analysis to the CyTOF XT system. The software has the built-in capability for automated calibration, batch sample acquisition, a...


The histoCAT™ software is an innovative computational Imaging Mass Cytometry™ analysis toolbox that enables comprehensive analysis of cellular phenotypes and their interrelationships within the spa...

Indica Labs Software

The Indica Labs Highplex FL HALO® module combines ease of use and scalability with powerful analytics for streamlined biomarker analysis of highly multiplexed Imaging Mass Cytometry™ data. This mod...

MCD Viewer

MCD™ Viewer is post-acquisition data processing software that allows users to visualize, review, and export Imaging Mass Cytometry™ data acquired with the Hyperion™ Imaging System and CyTOF® Softwa...

Visiopharm Software

As high-plex IMC™ data continues to stretch our abilities to interrogate the tumor microenvironment, finding meaningful differences in your data becomes an ever more data-heavy and daunting challen...


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The Hyperion+ Imaging System comprises a Hyperion+ Tissue Imager, a Helios system and software for data acquisition and viewing. 

Hyperion Tissue Imager dimensions*


56 cm (22 in)


134 cm (53 in


56 cm (22 in)


159 kg (350 lb)

Helios dimensions


103 cm (41 in)


132 cm (52 in)


87 cm (35 in)


320 kg (705 lb)

Chiller size


38 cm (15 in)


64 cm (25 in)


67 cm (27 in)


81 kg (178 lb)

Hyperion Imaging System



Mass range

75–209 amu

Abundance sensitivity

0.3% for 159Tb


400 pixels/sec

Detection limit

≥250 copies per μm2

Dynamic range

4 orders of magnitude



Operating system

Windows® 10 Enterprise

Data storage

OS: 240 GM and Storage: 8 TB

Switch time (between modes)

12 hr

Cross-cell contamination (redeposition)

≤2% (selected direction) at 200 pixel/sec

Crosstalk pixel to pixel

≤15% at 200 pixels/sec

Wet tissue thickness for full ablation

≤7 μm

Addressable sample size on slide

≥15 mm x 45 mm

Optical view of sample

≥250 μm x 250 μm

File type

TXT, multipage TIFF, OME-TIFF, MCD

Scan area

≥1 mm2/hr at 400 pixels/sec


Operating system

Windows 10 Enterprise

Data storage

OS: 240 GB, Storage: 8 TB


Intel® Core i7


32 GB


Height 34.5 cm (14 in) , Width 13.4 cm (5 in), Depth 35.6 cm (14 in), Weight 8 kg (18 lb)


86.3 cm (34 in)

Data file size**  


4–5 MB/channel


6–8 MB/channel

* The Hyperion Tissue Imager must be placed directly in front of the Helios.

** 1,000 x 1,000 μm region of interest (ROI)

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