Expedite your clinical research

Let the Standard BioTools Discovery Lab do the work for you 

Our Discovery Lab team offers flow and imaging CyTOF® cytometry services to help you discover high-plex data from your samples. With proven CyTOF technology, used in over 2,000 peer-reviewed publications, investigate 40-plus markers at once in any sample type.

Flow Cytometry and Tissue Imaging Services  

Simply stain and ship samples to us. Our standardized workflows using CyTOF technology are ideal for clinical studies and multi-site trials. 

Tissue Imaging Workflow

Flow Cytometry Workflow
Flow Cytometry Workflow



Experience Early Access to Whole-Slide Imaging

Hyperion XTi™ is a next-generation imaging system that offers the most reliable and fastest workflow to generate high-plex imaging data.

Through the Discovery Lab, experience early access to high-plex whole-slide imaging of tissues, in a single scan.


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Unless explicitly and expressly stated otherwise, all products are provided for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. Find more information here.