CYTOf Summit 2024 | Edinburgh, Scotland | May 3, 2024

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You are cordially invited to the 2024 CyTOF® Summit! Join us on Friday, May 3, 2024, for the largest annual gathering of CyTOF technology users, new and experienced, for a global conversation about how CyTOF powered research is making waves in the cytometry community. Spend the day immersed in the technology, network with colleagues and learn about the expanding role of cytometry in the development of better diagnostics and more effective therapies.

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CyTOF Summit 2024 Speakers

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Friday, May 3 | Dynamic Earth | Edinburgh, Scotland

→ 8:00–9:00 am  | Registration and breakfast
→ 9:00 am | Sessions begin

→ 5:00–6:00 pm | Happy hour
→ 6:00 pm | Networking and dinner

The Summit isn’t only about exciting and forward-thinking talks and workshops, it’s also about the community and the people you get to connect with.

What better place to share your ideas, get valuable feedback and meet like-minded people?

Get insights into the latest trends and new perspectives to spark your interest.

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8:00 am
Registration and breakfast
9:00 am Welcome Roberto Spada, PhD 
Director, Global Marketing, Standard BioTools™
Roberto Spada, PhD 
9:10 am Single-Cell Signaling Analysis of Tumor Microenvironment Organoids  Chris Tape, PhD 
Associate Professor, UCL Cancer Institute
Chris Tape, PhD 
9:40 am Multimodal Characterization of the Tumor Microenvironment Dario Bressan, PhD
Head of IMAXT Laboratory, CRUK Cambridge Institute
Dario Bressan, PhD

10:10 am

Break – poster/vendor
10:40 am CyTOF Flow Cytometry: Innovations and Applications Gary Impey, PhD 
VP Product Management, Mass Cytometry, Standard BioTools
Gary Impey, PhD 
10:50 am Immune Profiles in AHSCT in Multiple Sclerosis Sonia Gavasso, PhD 
Senior Researcher, University of Bergen
Sonia Gavasso, PhD 
11:20 am Unlocking a New View in Spatial Biology:  
New Imaging Modes and Walk-Away Automation
Clinton Hupple, MS 
Director, Product Line Management, Imaging, Standard BioTools
Clinton Hupple, MS 
11:30 am A Rapid Whole-Slide Modality to Profile the Immune Landscape of Aggressive Tumors The Jackson Lab 
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Sinai Health

12:00 pm



Flow Cytometry Breakout Session

Spatial Biology Breakout Session








1:00 pm Bringing Versatility to Immune Profiling and Whole Blood Preservation Workflows Glória Martrus, PhD
EMEA Team Leader, FAS, CTI, Standard BioTools
Glória Martrus, PhD Mapping Neuro and Oncological Tissue Landscapes With Application-Specific Panels  Qanber Raza, PhD
Product Development Scientist II, Reagent Development, R&D, Standard BioTools
Qanber Raza, PhD
1:15 pm Routine Characterization of CAR T Drug Products (DP) and PBMC Using CyTOF  Taylor Witte, BS
Senior Associate Scientist I, Regeneron Cell Medicines

Pedro Falcon, MS
Senior Associate Scientist II
Regeneron Cell Medicines

Taylor Witte, BS

Multimodal Imaging Analysis of the Tumor Microenvironment in Pancreatic Cancer Marco Erreni, PhD
Imaging Scientist, Multiscale ImmunoImaging Unit, IRCCS Humanitas Research Hospital
Marco Erreni, PhD
1:45 pm Using CyTOF in a CRO Setting Aïda Meghraoui, PhD
Founder and CEO, AMKbiotech
Aïda Meghraoui, PhD Spatially Phenotyping Immune and Epithelial Cell Niches of Lung Carcinogenesis Using IMC™ Roxana Pfefferkorn, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Boston University School of Medicine
2:15 pm CyTOF Computational Methods With Stabl (Surge) Brice Gaudillière, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Stanford University
Brice Gaudillière, MD, PhD Phenoplex™: an End-to-End Workflow for Image Analysis David Mason, PhD
Senior Technical Sales Specialist, Visiopharm®
David Mason, PhD

2:30 pm






3:00 pm Mass Cytometry Analysis of Immune-Related Toxicities During Checkpoint Immunotherapy  Won Jin Ho, MD, PhD
Director, Mass Cytometry Facility, Assistant Professor of Oncology, Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center
Won Jin Ho, MD, PhD
3:30 pm Cancer Susceptibility Prediction From 100M Plasma Protein Measurements on SomaScan® Clare Paterson, PhD 
Director, Clinical R&D, SomaLogic, a subsidiary of Standard BioTools
Clare Paterson, PhD 
3:50 pm Multi-Omics Approaches for a High-Resolution Study of the Alloimmune Microenvironment in Liver Transplant Rejection Arianna Barbetta, MD, PhD  
Graduate Research Assistant, University of Southern California
4:20 pm

Panel: Flow Into the Future With Perspectives on Integrating Multi-Omic and Multimodal Research Methods

Moderator: Jared Burks, PhD  
Professor and Co-Director of the Flow Cytometry and Cell Imaging Core Facility, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 

Aïda Meghraoui, PhD 
Founder and CEO, AMKbiotech


Brice Gaudillière, MD, PhD  
Associate Professor, Stanford University


Caleb Marlin, PhD 
Senior Staff Scientist and Imaging Project Manager, Arthritis and Clinical Immunology, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation 

Aïda Meghraoui, PhD 
Brice Gaudillière, MD, PhD
Caleb Marlin, PhD 
4:50 pm Closing  Michael Egholm, PhD 
President and CEO, Standard BioTools
Michael Egholm, PhD 

5:00 pm

Happy Hour

6:00 pm


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