CYTO 2024 | Edinburgh, Scotland |  May 4–8 | Booth 86

We are excited to be in Edinburgh, Scotland, from May 4–8 for CYTO® 2024.

The Congress of the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry is a premier, international conference focused on the many facets of cytometry science and engineering. This year’s meeting will spotlight Scotland’s connected and collaborative life sciences community and Edinburgh’s dedication to groundbreaking research to shape ideas and innovations for the future.

Visit Standard BioTools™ at Booth 86 to learn more about how CyTOF® technology and Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) are being used to advance human health and how the SomaScan® Platform brings insights at every stage of disease research and treatment by profiling 11,000 protein measurements simultaneously.

Journey into the immersive virtual world of spatial biology.

Adventure into the immune landscape for an extraordinary virtual reality experience. Walk among different cell types, get up close and personal with a tumor and view spatial analysis in an entirely different light. Discover the IMAXT technology that experts say may forever revolutionize how we visualize, analyze and treat disease.

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And make sure to join us on May 3, one day before CYTO, at Dynamic Earth for the 2024 CyTOF Summit. This in-person, complimentary event welcomes anyone interested in the latest advancements and applications of flow cytometry and spatial biology. Explore exciting new ways CyTOF flow cytometry and tissue imaging are being used to make novel discoveries and shape the future of clinical research.

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  • May 4–8
  • Booth 86
  • Edinburgh, UK

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Standard BioTools is thrilled to be hosting two Exhibitor Spotlight Theaters. 

Jared Burks

Jared Burks, PhD, Professor and Co-Director of the Flow Cytometry and Cellular Imaging Core Facility at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, will present Paving New Roads in Mass Cytometry: Harmonizing Multiplex Modalities Together and Introducing a Rapid, High-Throughput Whole Slide Imaging Workflow. Burks will discuss ways technologies can work in harmony, pairing suspension and imaging data, to answer larger and more detailed questions. 

Clinton Hupple

Then, Clinton Hupple, Director, Product Line Management, Imaging, Standard BioTools, will give attendees a glimpse into the future of spatial biology, highlighting new automation, acquisition modes and analysis solutions that will enable any researcher to tackle important questions with spatial insights.

When: Monday, May 6 | 12:15–1:15 pm
Where: Kilsyth Room | Level 0


Jennifer Cappione

Jennifer Snyder-Cappione, PhD, Assistant Professor of Virology, Immunology & Microbiology at the Boston University School of Medicine and Chair of the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PiBS) Admissions Committee, will present a talk titled Exceptional Resolution of Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines by Mass Cytometry: a Conduit to Address the Inflammation Epidemic and Elucidate the Mechanisms of Immune Response Cessation and Cell Repair, in which she will discuss how CyTOF® flow cytometry can enhance  understanding of the dynamics of immune responses and open new avenues for targeted therapies. She will present her team's experimental approach and results from three head-to-head comparisons of small (12–13-plex) intracellular staining panels using a spectral flow cytometer and the CyTOF XT™ mass cytometer.

When: Tuesday, May 7 | 12:15–1:15 pm
Where: Moorfoot Room | Level 0


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Imaging Mass Cytometry™

Hyperion XTi™ Imaging System

The Hyperion XTi™ Imaging System provides the fastest and most reliable workflow for high-plex imaging, enabling throughput and precision that is uniquely designed for translational and clinical researchers. IMC allows you to accurately visualize and quantify cells to reveal mechanisms of action that impact disease progression and therapeutic outcomes and investigate the spatial biology of the complex tumor microenvironment to advance immuno-oncology studies.

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CyTOF flow cytometry


CyTOF XT provides reproducible and standardized workflows, simple and easy-to-modify panel design and precise measurement of all markers. Featured in over 2,000 publications and 200 clinical trials, CyTOF technology empowers investigators to interrogate more than 50 markers simultaneously on millions of individual cells, unveiling new cell types, functions and biomarkers in immunology, cancer and more.

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The SomaScan Platform

The SomaScan® Platform advances insights at every stage of disease research and treatment by profiling 11,000 protein measurements – half of the genetically encoded human proteome – simultaneously.

SomaLogic’s complete portfolio offers one platform for discovery, validation and development, including:

  • The SomaScan Assay, the leading high-plex, high-throughput proteomics assay – powered by aptamers for greater specificity
  • DataDelve™ Statistics for preanalytical variation
  • SomaScan Panels for carefully curated disease-specific research
  • SomaSignal® tests (RUO) for clinically meaningful metrics

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Collaborator POSTERS

Poster #199: Join the IN Crowd: Unprecedented Resolution of Intracellular Markers Enabled by CyTOF Reveals Greater Functional Diversity of Human T Cells

Oral poster: Integration of Comprehensive Immunophenotypic Strategies to Enable Equity in Remote Settings for Improved Clinical Trial Reach

  • Tuesday, May 7 | 10:30–11:30 am
  • Kilsyth Room


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