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Plant and seed research with microfluidics

Higher yields. Healthier crops. Faster variety development. Improved quality control.

Unlock the genotyping, pathogen detection and quality control answers your breeding program depends on.

The Biomark™ X9 System for High-Throughput Genomics delivers cost-effective, comprehensive and scalable sample profiling for PCR and genotyping by sequencing (GBS) studies with minimal operator contribution on a completely new platform.


Faster QTL

Utilize the Biomark X9™ System to identify genetic markers linked to disease resistance, growth and desirable traits by processing up to 192 samples or markers concurrently.

Food safety and

Ensure the authenticity and traceability of all your seeds with rapid and scalable testing methods adaptable to different harvesting seasons.


Identify asymptomatic diseases and pathogens quickly with molecular markers for viroids, bacteria, fungi and more.

Tailored molecular assays for your workflow

Customize assays for molecular-assisted breeding or QC workflows for your specific needs, then adjust assay targets and sample batch sizes on the go: Assays are not fixed or pre-spotted, so can be modified any time as needed.

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Streamlined workflow

Optimize lab efficiencies with gene expression, genotyping and GBS workflows that can generate results in as little as two hours, or eight hours for NGS.

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Whatever the species or application, go beyond the surface with the Biomark X9 System

Improved molecular assisted breeding
Improved molecular assisted breeding
QTL analysis
QTL analysis
Food safety
Food safety
Genomic selection
Genomic selection
background pattern


Whether performing QTL analysis for rice or detecting host-pathogen interactions of your plants of interest, design your panel of choice with our free D3™ software suite.

Yes, the Biomark X9 System can perform amplicon-based GBS experiments for up to 4,800 targets simultaneously on 48 samples, or even perform whole-transcriptome RNA-seq assays.

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Yes, the system can be integrated with a variety of different liquid-handling robots, including the mosquito® HV (by SPT Labtech), the ASSIST PLUS (by Integra Biosciences) and many more.

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No, the Biomark X9 System works with our proprietary SNP Type™ chemistry but is also compatible with a variety of other chemistries, including TaqMan™, KASPar, PACE® and more.

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No, since our assays are not fixed or pre-spotted, they can be modified any time as needed. You can add, remove or modify any of the existing assays simply by replacing them at your leisure.

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This Standard BioTools™ SNP marker set has provided a faster and more cost-effective tool than other high-throughput SNP genotyping systems for primary analysis during molecular breeding using inter-subspecific populations, to date

– Lee et al. Agriculture (2021)

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Striving for the Best Seeds SNP Genotyping With Microfluidics and the ASSIST PLUS

Accelerate Marker-Assisted Selection, Breeding and Traceability Programs

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Biomark X9 System

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