b'CYTOFTECHNOLOGYCYTOMETRY BY TIME-OF-FLIGHTSince its commercialization, mass cytometry has revolutionizedCyTOF XT enables simplified and superior cell profiling, the cell biology world. Liberated from autofluorescence andempowering practical biomarker-driven clinical research solutions fluorescence spillover, mass cytometry simplifies and expandsthat can optimize and personalize disease management.exploration into cellular behavior. With hands-free sample acquisition, easier operational workflows The rapidly evolving environment of clinical and translationaland reduced cost of installation and ownership, CyTOF XT leads research is complex and demanding. Meet these challengesas an ideal platform for a variety of research applications.head-on using CyTOF XT to accelerate the path to answers through better agility, customization and execution. Mass cytometry uses stable metal isotope tags to label cellular targets forMore than 50 isotopes can be simultaneously measured per tube of cell sample.precise detection in 135 distinct channels.8'