b'XT RA INSIGHTADVANCING UNDERSTANDING OF HUMAN HEALTH AND DISEASE REQUIRES ASKING THE MOST CHALLENGING QUESTIONS.Since every second counts in disease diagnosis, the ability toSIMPLIFY DEEP CELL maximize insights into patient biology and successfully executePROFILING.comprehensive studies could deliver the most value. HARMONIZE SITE-TO-SITE The proven reliability, reproducibility and clarity of massSTUDIES.cytometry simplify complex study design and ease site-to-site coordination challenges. By removingACCELERATE THERAPEUTIC these barriers, the technology expedites timelines andDEVELOPMENT.accelerates the pace of scientific discovery and study completion. Broad adoption of mass cytometry speaks to the confidence it has inspired for cost-effective clinical study management across sites. CyTOF XT provides easily scalable solutions that address key hurdles when conducting sophisticated clinical research programs." CyTOF mass cytometry was selected for assessing function and phenotypes of immune-cell subsetsas it was considered advantageous over flow cytometry for the higher number of biomarkers detected by antibody panels, with little or no spillover between detector channels. "Chen et al. Clinical Cancer Research (2021): "Network for biomarker immunoprofiling for cancer immunotherapy: Cancer Immune Monitoring and Analysis Centers and Cancer Immunologic Data Commons (CIMAC-CIDC)" 7'