b'SIMPLIFY. STANDARDIZE. ACCELERATE.CyTOF XT is the most technologically advanced mass cytometerThe power of mass cytometry to perform 50-plus-marker to date, designed to build on the benefits of CyTOF technologyhigh-parameter analysis on a single tube of sample has created while simplifying operation and automating sample acquisitiona new standard of expectationsthat more can always be for the best reproducibility and time to results from every run.discovered if you have the right tools.XTra Autonomy XTra Efficiency XTra Clarity XTra InsightWalk away from sample loading,With easy setup and automatedAchieve unrivaled quality andSimpler cell profiling with acquisition and monitoring. Dosystem optimization, enjoy peakdepth of understanding from astandardized workflows more with your time. performance from minimal input. greater selection of markers. to accelerate therapeutic development.11'