b'XT RA EFFICIENCY FASTER BY DESIGN, CYTOF XT SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES SETUP TIME FOR MORE EFFICIENT SAMPLE PROCESSING AND SHORTER TIME TO RESULTS.The simplified front-end assembly, bottleEASY DAILY SETUPtray for solutions and automated tuningAUTOMATED minimize maintenance and calibration. Instrument optimization with EQ CalibrationSYSTEM TUNINGBeads requires just one reagent to calibrateREAL-TIME SIGNAL and optimize the system for any panel. OPTIMIZATIONWith the benefit of hands-free operation, mass cytometry with CyTOF XT provides unparalleled efficiency for quality and timely outcomes by incorporating sample sizes of thousands to millions of cells and walkup sample addition for added flexibility.IMAGINE IFyour high-parameter cytometer needed only one daily optimization, applicable to every experiment and maintained automatically.14'