b'THINKYOU KNOW CYTOF? THINK AGAIN.Mass cytometry brings a combination of speed, precision and reproducibility to cell analysis not enabled by other single-cell platforms.CyTOF XT further enhances the capabilities of mass cytometry with workflow automation that refines sample processing and data acquisition. The instrument offers a new level of autonomy through streamlined operation, automatic monitoring and easier system management, altogether resulting in superior data quality. So you can focus on what matters most.Adoption of mass cytometry for use in clinical and translational research is rising steadily, year on year. Ignite your research.MULTIPLE RESEARCH CONSORTIA CyTOF XTOVER 60% OF US COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CENTERS With a simpler approach and cutting-edge technology, OVER 150 CLINICAL TRIALS USING MASS CYTOMETRY move beyond ordinary to OVER 1,300 PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS XTraordinary.10'