b'WALK-AWAY AUTOMATIONInnovations in CyTOF XT automation expand the possibilitiesAutomated, walk-away sample acquisition can greatly improve of what your lab can accomplish. The chilled carousel of thereproducibility by minimizing manual error. The automated Autosampler preserves cell integrity while samples are held forclog sensing feature of CyTOF XT provides peace of mind and their run. The system automatically resuspends pelleted samplesconfidence in results, knowing the instrument self-monitors and adds internal standardization beads for improved data quality.potential issues and addresses them before they occur.SIMPLE SAMPLE PREPConsistency of data is key, whether working to prove a hypothesis or standardize a clinical study protocol. The automation and system optimization of CyTOF XT deliver consistent, high-quality data for multiple samples at a time to help fast-track extensive studies. WHAT IFyou could calibrate once for numerous different samples and panels, and run hands-free for hours?13'