b'IMMUNE CELL PROFILING WITHOUT COMPROMISEGain even more by using the Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling Assay on CyTOF XT. The combination of a single-tube workflow with automated multiple sample processing enables a greater level of efficiency, unmatched in conventional protocols.The standardized assay can be harmonizedExtend your view and the possibilities across sites for high-dimensional immunewith an easily expandable marker base profiling of human PBMC and wholepanel and 5-minute data analysis. Simply blood, providing the broadest single-tubecount 37 immune cell populations with view of the immune system from eachperformance you can trust.precious sample. Run the assay seamlessly across numerous samples unattended by30 MARKERS.relying on CyTOF XT for automated sample processing and acquisition. 5 MINUTES.1 TUBE. 19'