b'Generating spatial maps of specialized tissue substructures in the mouse brainPreview Mode scan rapidly 200 m 200 m 200 m identified spatial positioning of brain-specific compartments. In the cerebellum, tissue morphology with specific cellular compartments such as the cortex, individual lobules and neuronal cell bodies is 200 m 200 m 200 m visualized. The hippocampus demonstrates structured spatial cellular distribution. In the optic lobe, various cell populations including oligodendrocytes, neurons, metabolically active cells and vasculature are highlighted.1.5 mmQuantitative assessment of specific tissue compartments in the developing mouse embryoTissue Mode imaging was performed in hours to 2 mm assess whole mouse E18.5 embryo tissue structure and composition. Expression of neuronal specific markers was observed in the developing brain and spinal column. Organ-specific tissue compartments were also highlighted. Unsupervised pixel-clustering analysis along with hierarchical clustering quantitatively segregates highly specialized subcompartments in the developing mouse embryo.A 40-marker panel was designed to study the TME of mouse neurological tissues.Maxpar OnDemand Mouse Neuro-Oncology IMC Bundle (PN 9100005NO)Maxpar IMC Cell Maxpar OnDemandMaxpar OnDemandMaxpar OnDemandMaxpar OnDemandMaxpar NeuroSegmentation KitMouse TissueMouse Cancer CellMouse ImmuneMouse ImmunePhenotyping IMC PN 201500Architecture IMC Process IMC Phenotyping IMC Activation IMC Panel KitPanel Kit Panel KitPanel Kit Panel Kit PN 201337PN 9100001 PN 9100002 PN 9100003 PN 9100004'