b'Neuro-OncologyIn a study of mouse embryo, normal brain and glioblastoma (GBM) tissue, a 44-marker neuro-oncology panel composed of the Maxpar OnDemand Mouse Immuno-OncologyView the IMC Panel Kit and the Maxpar Neuro Phenotyping IMC Panel Kit revealed the spatialstudy detailsdistribution of over 40 distinct molecular markers.Mouse neuro-oncology panel detects tumor cell and immune cell infiltration in glioblastoma2 mm 200 m2 mm200 m2 mmPreview Mode scan rapidly identified areas with high tumor and immune cell activity, which was used to identify relevant regions of interest for detailed Cell Mode investigation. Multiplex Cell Mode images using tumor- (top) and immune- (bottom) specific markers demonstrate the heterogeneity of the TME. Pixel-clustering analysis reveals highly specialized tumor, immune and stromal tissue compartments2 mm 2 mm2 mm 2 mmTissue Mode imaging demonstrates the tumor and immune cell heterogeneity of mouse glioblastoma tissue. Metabolically active tumor cells were detected at the periphery of tumor. Vascularization was observed across the tumor in non-necrotic areas. Immune cells were detected in high concentration at the tumor margin and in necrotic cores. Unsupervised pixel-clustering analysis with hierarchical clustering quantitatively segregates highly specialized subcompartments and detects areas containing subsets of differentiated tumor cells, immune hot and cold areas, stromal compartments, vasculature and extracellular matrix.'