b'Detection of tertiary lymphoid structures and PD-L1-expressing tumor cells in the colon2 mm 200 m2 mm200 m2 mmPreview Mode highlighted several tumor-specific structures such as tertiary lymphoid structures (TLSs) and high vascular and immune cell-density landmarks. Subsequent single-cell analysis demonstrated immune evasive tumor cell populations, CAFs and myeloid and lymphoid immune cell types.Pixel-clustering analysis reveals highly specialized tumor, immune and stromal tissue compartments2 mmImmune-stromal interactive niches, myeloid cells, neutrophil-rich necrotic cores and TLSs can be visualized. Striking heterogeneity of CAFs and a large TLS are detected. Myeloid cells are observed within the tumor and stromal compartments. Analysis identified multiple tumor areas with high expression of cell-cell adhesion markers, replication markers and immune cell-adjacent areas. A 41-marker panel comprised of pathologist-verified antibodies permits detection of various immuno-oncological processes in human tumors.Human Immuno-Oncology IMC Panel, 31 Antibodies (PN 201509) Human ImmuneMaxpar IMC Cell Cell FunctionalStromalBasicLymphoidMyeloidTissueEpithelial andCell ExpansionSegmentation KitState CellImmune PN 201512 PN 201513 Architecture Mesenchymal IMC Panel, PN 201500PN 201514 PN 201511 PN 201518 PN 201510 PN 201515 7 AntibodiesPN 201516'