b'Imaging Modes OverviewRapid and high-throughout workflow unveils extensive cellular heterogeneity View the Applying three rapid imaging modes to a tissue microarray (TMA) containing dozens of humanstudy detailsglioma cores identified the spatial distribution of over 40 distinct molecular markers. Fast screening of the entire slide combined with single-cell analysis Preview Mode Cell ModePreview Mode was applied to rapidly screen tumor cores for expression signatures associated with tumor immuno-oncology processes. This enabled biomarker-guided selection of areas in tumor tissue that were imaged at higher resolution and analyzed with single-cell analysis using Cell Mode. Tissue Mode facilitates identification of prominent features in all TMA coresTissue ModeFrom larger samples to TMA cores, Tissue Mode generates a high-quality scan of the entire tissue section in a matter of hours with higher spot-size ablations enabling entire tissue analysis using pixel-clustering methods. This is an especially high-throughput modality with TMAs, as 18 2 mm TMAcorescan be imaged in 1 hour and 35 minutes. In the figure above, Tissue Mode visualizes tissue compartments and indicates high heterogeneity of human glioma cores. Cores of interest are selected for subsequent pixel-clustering analysis. IMMUNO-ONCOLOGY'