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Bringing the CyTOF advantage to CAR cell therapy research

Standard BioTools shares how new advancements in immunophenotyping are accelerating CAR cell therapy development and improving precision medicine

August 2023

Using high-parameter flow cytometry and tissue imaging to drive cardiology insights

Read on for a selection of publications that showcase the use of Standard BioTools technology in cardiovascular research.

Powerful, flexible tools to tackle public health challenges

Empower the generation of timely answers that can transform your research and position your laboratory as a center of excellence.

JULY 2023

Looking toward a greener future

Standard BioTools is pleased to announce that we’re a My Green Lab Experimental Sponsor, reaffirming our commitment to sustainability

Deciphering one of the most challenging forms of cancer

A poster by Standard BioTools scientists sheds light on the spatial landscape of neoplastic brain tissue

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