IMC Posters

Scientific posters offer a unique visual and easily understandable way to share data, methods and results from work performed by R&D team members. Here we share a few recent posters that our Standard BioTools™ team has presented at scientific meetings.

Imaging Mass Cytometry Identifies the Structural and Cellular Composition of the Mouse Tissue Microenvironment

» Primary scientist: Qanber Raza, PhD

The capability of Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) and a single-cell analysis workflow for assessing the mouse tissue microenvironment is demonstrated in this poster. You will learn:

  • How analysis of the composition of the tissue microenvironment reveals expression patterns of cell markers and the localization of immune, epithelial and stromal cell subpopulations
  • About the broad applicability of our catalog antibodies on a variety of distinct mouse tissues, providing the basis for the use of high-multiplex imaging in pre-clinical investigations
  • How IMC analysis provided localization and activation of lymphoid and myeloid cell subpopulations, revealed the strength of cell-cell adhesion in epithelial cells and unveiled the molecular composition of the extracellular matrix

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Improved Understanding of the Biology and Pathophysiology of the TME in PDAC Samples Revealed by Both InSituPlex® and Imaging Mass Cytometry

» Primary scientists: Andrew Quong, PhD (Standard BioTools, formerly Fluidigm), Gourab Chatterjee, PhD (Ultivue), and Fabian Schneider, PhD (Visiopharm®)

The complexities of the tumor microenvironment (TME) have been implicated in the failure of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy. In this poster, pancreatic invasive ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is used to demonstrate a tissue phenotyping workflow combining three complementary methods that can unravel novel insights in the complex TME. You will learn:

  • How a workflow that combines protocols for whole slide imaging (Ultivue), targeted ROI selection (Standard BioTools) and data analysis (Visiopharm) was used to address the complexity of the TME
  • How the urgent need to better define the composition of the PDAC TME and the key immune players to identify new therapeutic targets and strategies can be supported by a streamlined workflow

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Exploring Healthy and Tumor Tissue Microenvironment with Immuno-Oncology Markers Using Multiplexed Hyperion Imaging System

To power immuno-oncology research, it is highly beneficial to explore healthy and tumor tissues with immuno-oncology markers using multiplexed analysis. This poster demonstrates how to generate high-parameter images with immuno-oncology markers on the Hyperion™ Imaging System. You will learn:

  • Details about the staining protocol and antibody verification workflow
  • How the Hyperion Imaging System performs Imaging Mass Cytometry
  • How images generated from various normal and tumor tissues show a combination of structural, cancer and immuno-oncology markers simultaneously, and how different immune cell types can be identified in both normal and tumor tissues

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