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Imaging Mass Cytometry

Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) is the most trusted technology that enables researchers to accurately assess complex phenotypes and immune spatial interactions in the tissue microenvironment.

Explore mechanism of action, disease progression and therapeutic outcomes – with confidence.

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Discover the throughput and precision that is uniquely designed for translational researchers.

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Imaging Mass Cytometry generates high-dimensional spatial data at subcellular resolution. IMC uses cytometry by time-of-flight (on which CyTOF® systems are based) to overcome the multiplexing limitations of traditional immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunofluorescence. By applying metal-tagged antibodies instead of fluorochromes, IMC has the unique capability to simultaneously stain, acquire and analyze 40-plus markers of interest on a tissue section without interference from autofluorescent tissues or management of spectral overlap.

IMC is the only technology with

No autofluorescence interference to image any tissue type
40-plus markers imaged simultaneously to get results faster
Protein and RNA co-detection for deeper insights
Integrated cell segmentation for faster interpretation
Batch staining of all slides for high-volume studies
Dual imaging and flow cytometry mode to maximize investment

IMC shows the true biology

High-plex imaging for all tissue types ― including lung, bone marrow, colon and brain ― without autofluorescence interference.

  • Well-defined red signals from CD68
  • Cellular structure is sharply defined by yellow pan-cytokeratin stain

  • CD68 indistinct or missing
  • Cellular structure diffuse


Reasons to choose IMC for your high-plex imaging study

Jana Fischer, PhD​​

Jana Fischer, PhD​​
Co-Founder and CEO, Navignostics​​

Breaking ground –Taking spatial biology into the clinic 

Hear how the team at Navignostics is translating spatial insights into the clinic by leveraging spatial proteomics into reporting within 72 hours of sample receipt, revolutionizing treatment decisions for each cancer patient. ​


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Get results faster

Hyperion™ Imaging Systems use a one-step staining and detection approach that enables samples to be simultaneously stained, acquired and analyzed.


Modularized panels

Swap markers without panel revalidation.


Simultaneous staining

Stain 40-plus markers for all slides at once.


One-step detection

Simultaneous imaging of 40-plus markers, including protein and RNA.


Precise signals

Image any tissue without autofluorescence.


Real-time analysis

Visualize 40-plus markers in 30 minutes.

A one-step staining and detection workflow

Imaging Mass Cytometry enables 40-plus markers that can be simultaneously stained, acquired and visualized. Other fluorescence-based approaches involve iterative rounds of staining, imaging and removal of fluorescent signals. The IMC workflow is without sequential immunostaining approaches, multiple slide treatment rounds or acquisition steps.

Need to ship or store slides?

  • All-at-once batch staining of all slides to reduce technical variation
  • Acquire at any time from shipped and/or stored slides that have been stained
  • Analyze previously banked tissue slides to be correlated to known clinical outcomes

A workflow ideal for high-volume samples,
clinical research trials and multi-site studies



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