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Cell Biology Scripts for Script Hub

Delve into the functional implications of cell signaling and stimulation.

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Cell Staining (1)

Survey for more phenotypic parameters with more staining capabilities.


Tra-1-60 Staining
Cell surface markers

Cell Biology
Research and Development, Fluidigm Corporation

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Cell Dosing (1)

Expand the boundaries of single-cell analysis with new methods for cell treatment, dosing and more.


LPS Simulation and mRNA Seq
Cell stimulation

Shalek, A.K., Satija, R., Shuga, J., Trombetta, J.J., Gennert, D., Park, H., May, A.P., Regev, A. et al.
Regev, Park and May: Broad Institute, Harvard University, MIT, Hebrew University, Fluidigm Corporation

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